Thank you to all of our inspiring clients, friends and well wishers. Scott and Jessie are currently travelling abroad, following the ever widening dream. We hope to be back in beautiful Beijing soon, to continue spreading love through our food. Until then, eat well, live well, and be joyous!


The Whole Soul Bakery is based in Beijing and dedicated to  the idea of feeding your body as well as your soul.  We believe

that when something tastes good, it should make you feel good too. Our desserts are preservative, added sugar, wheat, and dairy free;

our goal is to enable the citizens of the world to live well by eating well. Based on community, responsibility, and blending together

actions, ethics, and ideals, The Whole Soul Bakery is about celebrating what we have and reminding everyone that what we have is all we

need. All we have to do is realize it.

Take a bite. 


Join the Revolution.



The Whole Soul Bakery™